Yes, you too can blog! – and here’s why you should start blogging right today

Do you want to create your own blog or website? Do you wonder if you can blog or not? (Yes.) What? Do you seriously wonder it?(Yes, I do.) Ah…I wish you were come across this article even before. Anyways, It’s never late to start something awesome.

(Start something awesome)??

Yes, you heard it right, I just told: “It’s never late to start something awesome.” But did you get the point here — what & who is actually going to start something awesome?

Not sure?

Alright, let me be frank with you.

You are going to start blogging!

I just meant that you are going to start your very first blog right today. Yes, after reading this article all your “wonder(s)” (we talked above) are going to end up converting “Yes, I can blog — and it’s not a rocket science!

But, all this (say miracles) needs a certain kind of quality/eligibility in you — and that’s nothing but just ‘You do wonder if you can blog or not.’ Yeah..take it positively and believe me, it’s a good symptom in you that can make you own a blog. So, if you fulfill this, congrats to you !!

Now, let me catch even more symptoms in you. Come with me, and ask yourself “why you do really wonder if you can blog or not”, while you never wondered like that in the case of Facebook. Why didn’t you skip such kind of thoughts/wonders and try a hand at creating a blog; similarly, you had done with Facebook in the beginning.

Is there’s the reason you think ‘Blogging needs a lot of technical/web designing skills, and only professional people can do this’? Or ‘only technology related contents usually be shared on blogs, but I belong to another field/profession, so what will I share on my blog other than this,’ or blah… blah… blah… something like these?

If you think like this way, it’s the time to put a tiny thing in your mind, i.e., “ABCB” — stands for “Any Body Can Blog.” Yes, anybody can do it, and everybody should do it, who has some skills/knowledge to share with any field or profession they belong. Also, it doesn’t need many technical skills which you can not manage. If you can make a post on Facebook, you also can make a post/article on your blog. And if the things come to creating a blog, it’s also a very easy task even if you aren’t a technical guy, but follow this tutorial to start a blog in 5 simple steps that take only 20 minutes.

Any body can blog, even without having technical skills.

I hope you are now convinced about the fact that “you too can blog & You’re going to start your blog today.” Well, in the case if it still lacks something to convince you, let me make some more effort, just because I’ve promised you to make you believe & confident about that you shouldn’t delay anymore in starting your first blog today.

Ok. So, don’t you yet agree with me that it’s good to have your own blog? — We are living in the era of Internet, where every company, brand, & personality have a Facebook fan page. It’s not like that you should have a website/blog only if you’re a business person. People can have their personal blogs; like, an author, or a sports personality, or a media personality, or a property broker can have a blog where they can share their reviews, experiences in his profession.

Blog is just like an online diary.

Even if you are in a job, like you are a software engineer, you can have a blog where you have been sharing tips of software engineering. Having a blog is just like having an online diary. You have been writing your adventures, special experiences in your diary; from now you can write them on your blog. And also, let me tell you’ll find this way much interesting !!

What’s the difference between blog and website:

Before we proceed further, let’s get clear about what’s the difference between a blog and a website. The blog is actually a kind of dynamic website. To create a blog, or to publish (update) a post on your on your blog you don’t really need to be, or hire a web designer; like you never hire a web designer to post status/image on your Facebook profile. You can do all this yourself as simply as you update a status on your Facebook profile. There’s very simple and user-friendly interface to do all this, and that’s the point why you don’t actually need technical skills to manage/ create a blog.

Why should you start blogging?

So, now it’s clear that you can create a blog and manage it yourself without any hassle, but still a point remains here is why you should do blogging.

Alright, I’ll distribute the answer in two different parts for the two distinct thinking of people:

  1. The first part is for the people who think that why they really should do blogging; while they are already having/earning enough money and don’t need to earn anymore with a blog. So, here’s the eye-opening facts for them —
    • It’s free (or affordable).
    • You’ll meet new, interesting people.
    • You’ll learn new things.
    • It adds an advantage to your resume.
    • It makes you happy, as you might start feeling it as your new & incredible hobby.
    • You will help & inspire others.
    • It makes you live forever.
    • It makes you a better writer.
    • It makes you a better thinker.
    • It makes you more confident.
    • It disciplines you.
    • It helps in building your online brand.
    • It exposes your idea to the larger network.
    • It will help you to develop an eye for meaningful things.
  2. And the second part is for the people who want to make money with blogging and become his own boss, or the business people who want to expand their business reach. I, myself comes in this category as because I make money doing blogging. Well, all the points above in the first part also apply to this category of people, and some extra points I would like to add here, are below —
    • A blog representing your business can expand its reach to even more valuable customers.
    • You can make money with your blog and become your own boss.
    • You’ll find a platform to recommend your services.
    • It helps you build an audience.
    • And all the above points in the first part.

Go, Start Something Awesome:

So, that’s all I could tell you to make you believe that “You too can blog, and you shouldn’t delay anymore to start your very first blog right today.”

I leave you with the inspirational words of Oprah Winfrey:

Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.

So go, and start a blog now. Good Luck!

Vikas R. Srivastava

Vikas is an Internet Marketer & professional blogger from India. Blogging has changed his life for the better so, he share his secret money blogging tips here to help you make your life same with blogging.

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