Top 3 Premium Plugins You Must Have Being an Amazon Associates

Since it isn’t a new thing to any affiliate marketer, that Amazon Associates Program is one of the best affiliate program available over the Internet. Amazon has a world’s largest affiliate program where you can earn up to 15% commission for referring your visitors to their products.

If you are operating a blog and have not yet joined the Amazon Associations program, You are probably missing one of the biggest gold mine; that is easy to dig.

It’s simple to do like: pick a product -> put your affiliate link -> promote it and earn money.

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Amazon has more than 100K affiliate members, and according to Wikipedia, Amazon earns 40% of total revenue from its affiliates. It’s pretty easy for bloggers to find quality products from Amazon to promote on their blog (from any niche). However, the problem comes when you integrate products to promote on your blog; as doing it manually takes much time and also, it pains.

Fortunately, there are many excellent WordPress plugins that you can use to avoid manual work and accomplish different things that will help to save time and make more money.

Today, I’m listing the top 3 must have WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliates to automate some of your work and boost your affiliate earning as well.

Must Have WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliate:

The List Contains:

  1. EasyAzon 4.0
  2. WooZone –WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin
  3. WooZone — Amazon Contextual Recommendations Plugin

EasyAzon 4:-


EasyAzon 4.0 is a powerful WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates that will help you make more commissions and save you a lot of time in the process. With this plugin, you can quickly create any type of Amazon affiliate link (text, image, info block, call to action, and search results) without leaving your WordPress dashboard. This feature alone can save you days and months of time on your website bouncing back and forth between WordPress and Amazon.

EasyAzon also has an automatic link localizer which automatically redirects your visitors to the country they are viewing your website from. This feature enables you to make a lot of extra commission from your visitors across the globe.

You can also create product popups that will help to grab more attention from visitors, and thereby drive more clicks. The plugin also allows you to set links to add automatically the product to the visitor’s cart, which will give you an extra 89 days to get a commission if the visitor buys that product. You can set default controls to do things like open your links in a new window, use no follow tags, and much more.

The price of this plugin with Multisite usage license will cost you just 29$, which allows you to use the plugin on an unlimited number of websites that you individually own. While If you want to use it for client websites, or for sites that you want to flip, get the Developer license, will cost you $39.

WooZone –WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin:

WooZone Amazon Affiliates Plugin is an another important WordPress plugin for Amazon affiliates. It automatically inputs the Amazon products with price and updates them every day.

This plugin is an ideal choice for you if you are running an Amazon affiliate store. Also, On store cart feature it allows your customers to checkout with multiple products on Amazon, that means multiple commissions for you! Check out more feature details here… (also see in image below)

wordpress plugin for amazon affiliatesWooZone — Amazon Contextual Recommendations Plugin:

It happens that you own a simple WordPress blog? You’re writing unique articles, but you don’t succeed on monetizing your content? You’re using banners & popups, but users just ignore them? You just run out of ideas, and you’re looking for a new solution?

If so, Cheers to you now! Using WooZone Contextual Recommendations Plugin you will definitely succeed on monetizing your WordPress blog! It automatically adds affiliate links into your content and display ads where people can really see them! WooZone Contextual automatically displays products that are relevant to your content.

How? You ask? Well, It analyzes the posts / custom taxonomies to extract keywords that are used to search for relevant Amazon products. The plugin works best on posts that are product oriented, and their content is textual in nature. The WooZone Contextual allows you to monetize content by suggesting products that are most relevant to the content on your website.

wordpress plugin for amazon affiliates

Not only that but instead of manually identifying products relevant to page content and creating links for them, you can use the WooZone Contextual to automate the process. You can manually set affiliate links and keywords where they should be added to your content, or you can let the plugin extract automatically and display links from Amazon. Check out more details here…

So, these are the list of top 3 must have WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates. If you know any great plugin other than these, please let the world know in the comments right below.

Vikas R. Srivastava

Vikas is an Internet Marketer & professional blogger from India. Blogging has changed his life for the better so, he share his secret money blogging tips here to help you make your life same with blogging.

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