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Affiliate marketing is the pretty easiest ways to make money online. You just need to refer visitors to a product or service and earn commission on their purchases.

There are a lot of affiliate programs and networks that you can join. One of the most popular programs is by first Internet retailer, Amazon affiliate program.

You can make a decent earning from Amazon affiliate program by referring your visitors to Amazon site. Amazon affiliate program pays you up to 15% of the sale amount and depending on what kind of sale you are giving to them. It’s a good way to make huge money.

To start earning with Amazon affiliate program you need to setup a blog or Amazon Affiliate Store, and we recommend WordPress and Woocommerce for the same.

Setting up such blogs or affiliate store is a very tedious process if you do it manually from scratch. But if you use some kind of pre-build themes and plugins, it’s very easy with WordPress and Wocommerce.

You can get such required WordPress Amazon affiliates plugins and themes in one place bundled together on flat 50% off.

This bundle (WooZone – Amazon Associates Bundle Pack) contains everything you will need to start your Amazon affiliate store.

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You can get rid of many manual works if you use this bundle pack of WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugins and themes. In that way, you will save time and increase affiliate marketing revenues.

What WooZone – Amazon Associates Bundle Pack Contains?

WooZone – Amazon-Associates-Bundle-Pack-Contains

The Bundle contains:

  1. Woozone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin
  2. WooZone Contextual – Amazon Advertising Plugin
  3. ADF – Amazon Discount Finder for WordPress
  4. Kingdom – Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme
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Woozone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin:


Turn your Amazon Affiliate Store right into a revenue generator machine!

Advertise Amazon products on your website and earn advertising fees on qualifying purchases. Not only that, but you will also get the affiliate commission on all other products your visitors buy, i.e., not just the products you advertise.

The plugin enables 90 days cookie if visitors add products to their cart. That means if a visitor doesn’t buy the product instantly, but buys later within 90 days, you’ll get the commission on that.

Also, On Site Cart feature allows your customers to checkout with multiple products on Amazon, and that means multiple commissions for you! Read more here…

WooZone Contextual – Amazon Advertising Plugin:


It happens that you own a simple WordPress blog? You’re writing unique articles, but you don’t succeed on monetizing your content? You’re using banners & popups, but users just ignore them? You just run out of ideas, and you’re looking for a new solution?

In these circumstances this is the best plugin can help you! Using WooZone Contextual Advertising Plugin you will definitely succeed on monetizing your WordPress blog! It automatically adds affiliate links into your content and display ads where people can really see them! WooZone Contextual automatically shows products that are relevant to your content.

How you ask? Well, It analyzes the posts / custom taxonomies to extract keywords that are used to search for relevant Amazon products. The plugin works best on posts that are product oriented, and their content is textual in nature. The WooZone Contextual allows you to monetize content by suggesting products that are most relevant to the content on your website.

Not only that but instead of manually identifying products relevant to page content and creating links for them, you can use the WooZone Contextual to automate the process. You can manually set affiliate links and keywords where they should be added to your content, or you can let the plugin extract automatically and display links from Amazon. Read more here…

ADF – Amazon Discount Finder for WordPress:


Discount Finder is an affiliate advertising plugin designed to provide a means for any kind of websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest online store where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices, discounts, offers & coupons. But because of Amazon’s hugeness, it’s hard to browse trough all the endless pages. Also, Amazon has tons of hidden discounts & deals up to 90% off that are not so easy to discover.

Why is this plugin of help? Well, It narrows down the number of pages you’d have to sort through if you just went on Amazon and hunted for discounts, offers & so on. You will be able to provide your customers super deals and in the same time you will earn commissions just like magic! Read more here…

Kingdom – Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme:


Kingdom is a unique premium theme built exclusively for woocommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin. The theme fits perfectly with all above plugins, without using unnecessary features & functions that other sophisticated themes might have.

You can easily create & customize a woocommerce store using Kingdom theme, and sell anything from Amazon as an affiliate. That way, you can take advantage of the amazon’s affiliation program, and easily earn decent money online. Read more here…

It’s time to get it now…

So, go with this all in one WooZone – Amazon Associates Bundle Pack. On top of that, it also includes a WordPress Theme as well, so the package could be complete. All you have to do is install the pack, set up all the plugins, fill out your amazon associate id and let the commissions come!

Download The Package Now!

If you got any query, please ping me immediately, also, share your success story with Amazon affiliate program through the comment section below.

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