How to Pick a Suitable Niche to Start Blogging for Beginner

Starting a blog is fun now-days. Many newbies want to start their own blog, but they have no clear idea what to write about. They don’t know what’s the Niche Blogging, and it’s importance to become a successful blogger. Although, it’s normal if you’re just stepping into the blogging era, and almost every successful blogger goes through it in their beginning.

So I have written this post mainly aims to help the newbie to pick a suitable niche to start blogging. Before we proceed, let me clear you what the term “niche” stands for?  In the blogging terminology, “niche” stands for the specific topic, subject or category of the blog is all about. Each post on the blog should convey the specific topic under its blog niche.

For example, if you write posts on your blog about cricket, football, chess and many other sports, then your blog comes under “Sports” niche. While if your blog posts are only about cricket (and no other sports), then it comes under “Cricket” micro-niche.

Niche Blogging is already proven by many successful bloggers to be more profitable than multi-niche or niche-less blogging. So, you should also start your blog under a certain niche you are good at, and that is very suitable for you. So let’s begin to help you find a niche that is best for you to start your blog.

Guide to Pick Suitable Niche to Start Blogging:

The people who are just going to step into blogging, or have been blogging over the years, I can characterise them in three different categories:

The first one is Money Bloggers, which covers the people who want to make money with their blog from beginning. The second one is Passion Bloggers, who do, or want to do blogging for their passion and don’t think about making money with their blog(at least not from beginning). While some of the Passion Bloggers start making money with their blogs, converts in Money Blogger later with time, fall into the third category.

So think about you, in which category you are?

If you find yourself under passion blogger, try to figure it out what are you passionate about? Is your passion for any topic or idea, or it’s just a passion to have a blog?

Yes, many of the newbies now-days have passion only to have a blog for their own and nothing else. They fail to figure out what they really want to blog about. They start their blog and start crapping on it. Like, first day they write about some how-to tutorials or gadget reviews, and next day about entertainment, and later jump to politics, sports and so on… And finally, they fail to drive traffic on their multi-niche blog and quit the blogging.

So I suggest you to don’t start blogging this way, instead, do it under a certain niche which interest you the most, and you are efficient into it. Jumping to every niche on a single blog won’t make you successful blogger.

But if you find yourself passionate about any significant topic or idea, go ahead with that. It’s the niche of your passion; hence, you can be the hero of this niche. No matter how much competitive that niche is or how big folks are already ruling there, you will always be capable of adding a bit of yours in the niche you are passionate about, and that’s the real mean of blogging!

If your primary motive to start a blog is to make money with it, still you need to figure it out what about you can write more professionally? What is your interest about? I suggest you to make a list of all the niche of your interest and let the list go as long as it goes.

You might find stupidity in making such list, but to start a blog with a niche which is more profitable and start earning a lot of money. But let me tell you money blogging is certainly not a bed or roses. You have to work hard for a long with a great strategy along with some interest in the topic. Also, you should be known about the reality that you won’t be able to start making money with your blog overnight, but it takes a long time. And if it takes time, you can stick to that niche only if you are interested in that; otherwise, you’ll be distracted with the niche in the middle of your journey. So go, sit with a fresh mind and prepare that list…

After completing the list, try to sort it out by what you are more efficient on. Once the list is sorted out, and only 2-5 topics are left, do your keyword research and know who, and how many targeted audience are there for each one. This way you can conclude the best niche for you to start a blog for a long run and become a successful blogger.

So till now, I hope you have come up with a great niche to start your blog. If not, just don’t be confused, pick any one that you think you are good at, and that is fascinating to you, and start your blog today with it. Keep remember it’s never do-or-die things, you can always switch to another niche you find more suitable for you in the future.

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So go, start your blog today…

Happy Blogging !!

Vikas R. Srivastava

Vikas is an Internet Marketer & professional blogger from India. Blogging has changed his life for the better so, he share his secret money blogging tips here to help you make your life same with blogging.

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