How to Create an Affordable WordPress Blog With GoDaddy

So, you do want to create a WordPress blog? But worrying about the money & time investment in creating it for your own? Godaddy managed WordPress hosting makes it affordable and easier for you to start a blog in few minutes, and it cost just $1 USD (or Rs 60 INR) per month.

In this tutorial, I will discuss how you can create your self-hosted WordPress blog with approx 85% discount on Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting cost you $12 USD (or Rs 720 INR) for a year and a free domain name with it.

Godaddy Provides two type of shared hosting as:

  1. Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting (WordPress is pre-installed on it)
  2. Godaddy Shared Web Hosting (You’ll need to install WordPress very easily in just a couple of clicks)

In this tutorial, I’m using the first one which comes with WordPress pre-installed on it, and it’s ideal to start a WordPress blog.

So let’s begin with the steps to start a WordPress blog with Godaddy…

Step 1: – Get the niche idea for your blog, title and domain name:

Choose an excellent title for your blog like mine is “BloggingCrux” and use the search tool below to check the availability of domain name (if you don’t already have a domain name). Type “YourBlogTitle.com” in the box below and click on “check“–

Check Domain Availability

If you see the message saying “Sorry! your domain is already taken!“, Then try another one. Try to add “the” or any other prefix before your domain name like “TheYourBlogTitle.com.” Also, try to find another top-level extension like “.Net” or “.org” instead of “.com”.

Once you find the domain of your choice is available, proceed to the next step to register it for free.

Step 2: – Buy Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting & get your Free Domain:

Get Free Domain & Hosting

Click on above button or link to buy Godaddy managed WordPress hosting on almost 85% and get a free domain with it. When you click, it will take you to Godaddy offer page which should look like the below image.wordpress-blog-with-godaddy-managed-wordpress-hosting

Click on “GET STARTED” button, or you can also select the Basic plan from different plans. After that select the term length for 12 months and click “CONTINUE” (don’t add any other add-on which you don’t need initially, as you can add those anytime later when you need).

start-wordpress-blog-with-godaddyNow type your Domain name in the domain search box and select an extension from drop-down located on the right side of the box, then click on “SEARCH“.

If you don’t want to get your free domain but want to use your existing domain instead, just click on the link “Continue without my free domain” located right below the search button.

When you see the message your domain name is available, click on “SELECT & CONTINUE.”

Now it should take you to your cart page look like below image. There you can see that 85% discount offer has been applied on basic managed WordPress hosting in the cart, and a free domain is added to it. Once you confirm with your order, click on “Proceed to Checkout >” button.


Now here, to avail this promotional offer you should continue as “New Customer“.


After that, you will proceed to Billing and Payment section. Here you will need to fill the billing information for your account.


Now complete the account information like below image. Provide your email id and a unique username, password, and a random 4-digit pin, also note it down somewhere at a safe place.


Now this is the last step in this section, where you need to provide the payment details. You can continue with your Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card, Net Banking, or PayPal and many other payment modes are accepted at Godaddy.


Once you have done with all this click on “Continue >” button to complete the payment process.

Step 3: – Setup WordPress account:

Now it’s time to cheers, as you have successfully grabbed a free domain with 85% discount on hosting. Now head to your account, you’ll see there something like below image. This is your Godaddy account. As this is you just bought is Managed WordPress hosting from Godaddy, which comes with WordPress already installed on it. You don’t need to install it separately like any other general web hosting needs to. So, in the next step we only need to set-up your WordPress account for the first time and use it always to login into your WordPress administrator area.

start-wordpress-blog-with-godaddyTo prepare your WordPress dashboard Click on “Manage” next to Managed WordPress, which should take you to the below screen, where you need to click on “SET UP“.


Now as we know we are working on creating your new WordPress blog, you need to click on “Create a New WordPress Site” and move ahead…


Here select your domain from the drop-down list and create a new WordPress login credential. I suggest you to provide a distinct set of username and password here for your WordPress blog admin area which should be different to the username and password you used at the time of Godaddy account setup.


After that click “FINISH” to let it prepare your WordPress account, till then you can enjoy the animation there.


When it’s all done, you might be asked to use their built-in WordPress setup wizard which is quite user-friendly for you to go with, but I prefer to click on “No, thanks” and do all setup manually.


If you click on “No, thanks” it should redirect you to your WordPress dashboard. Alternatively, you also can head-on to http://www.TheBlogTitle.com/wp-admin in another tab of the browser (replace “TheBlogTitle.com” with your actual domain name) and login into your WordPress administration area.


Step 4: – Do some basic settings:

Recommended: Essential settings to do immediately after WordPress installation.

This is your WordPress blog administrator area where you’ll make any changes you want in your blog. To start with, you will probably want to change the title and tagline of your blog. To do this, go to the bottom of the left menu and click on “Settings”. It should take you to below screen where you can set your blog title, tagline, etc.


Also, if you like to change your permalink go to Settings->Permalinks and change it to what structure you prefer. I personally use (&  recommend to you) http://www.TheBlogTitle.com/sample-post/  structure on this blog.


After completing the above settings, you may now wish to customize your blog design and layout. To do this click “Appearance” on the left menu. Here you can install and activate any theme you like the most from thousands of free themes available in WordPress theme repository.


Step 5: – Start writing posts on your blog:

Now the most essential, blogging is all about writing, so let’s learn how to write your first blog post.

Click on “Posts” in the left menu; you will see there is already a post titled “Hello world!”  Which is actually a default post on every new WordPress blog, you can either edit or delete it. I suggest to remove it clicking “Trash” just under the post.


Now we are going to write your first blog post. To do this, click on “Add New” link (found on either the left menu or next to the word “Posts”).

This should take you to the WordPress post creator page. You can enter the title of your post in the top box and then begin writing your post in the lower box. See in the image below to clear your doubts.

You can also add images to your post by clicking on “Add Media” located between title and post content box.

After finishing your post writing, click on “Publish” on the right side of the post creator page to publish your first blog post.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your affordable WordPress blog with Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting.

You should add more and more posts on your blog in the same way, and subscribe to BloggingCrux newsletter to get essential blogging tips that help you to make your blog successful.

If you have trouble in doing all above or have any other query, feel free to contact me via the contact page or write me a mail directly at [email protected]

Vikas R. Srivastava

Vikas is an Internet Marketer & professional blogger from India. Blogging has changed his life for the better so, he share his secret money blogging tips here to help you make your life same with blogging.

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